Smart Systems

Improve decision-making, optimize processes, and reduce resource consumption with smart solutions tailored to achieve business goals and enhance operational performance.

Smart water meter system (AMI)

Establishment of remote metering system based on ultrasonic measuring technology with LoRa communication as primary and NB-IoT as alternative plan

Compare with measurement method

measurement Ultrasonic Mechanical
Water meter
Min. measure flow 1L/h 5L/h

Features of ultrasonic measurement

  • 1Fair billing

    Constant accuracy

  • 2Early leak detection

    Minimum flow measurement

  • 3Energy saving For water supplying

    Minimum pressure loss

Intelligent Transportation System - ITS

1. AI Traffic Camera

  • Real-time traffic monitoring with edge AI
  • Robustness to environmental conditions

2. AI Traffic Signal Control

  • Signal control optimization with reinforcement learning
  • Suitable solution for isolated intersections, arterials, and road networks

3. AI Safe Crossing

  • Real-time incident prediction on edge devices
  • Selective safety control